The blue moon
The "The blue moon" project is the result of ongoing research on space and military imagery. Common technologies, not so distant aims... What is it all about? At a time when the conquest of space makes us dream by its exploits and the development of our knowledge of the cosmos, what is happening on our earth? What is happening to the people who occupy it? It is from this questioning that this work was born. Noé Vercaemst questions the peaceful and spectacular imagery of the galaxy and more particularly that of the moon by confronting our gaze with the violence of the images of our contemporary wars. Targeting and remote control tools, drones, rockets and missiles carry the same technologies on earth as they do in space. Wars and targeted destructions are prepared and conducted from War Rooms that concentrate all the digital technologies sowing terror and desolation from a distance, digging craters in "enemy" territory from a distance, which are as many traumatic imprints on bodies and in the landscape. The moon is bombarded by asteroids, men bombard the earth?
Blurring the tracks of the collected visual material, Noé Vercaemst confronts us with our fantasies of space conquest and man's actions against man and his environment.
Thus, it is not technology that is "bad in itself" but the uses we make of it - in law - leading to the proletarianisation of minds, dehumanisation and destruction, in the words of Bernard Stiegler.