Broke and Broken
Hundreds of thousands of cars are built every day, reflecting a company that has placed the injunction of speed, mobility and efficiency at the heart of its programme. In the same established order, they are used and then replaced, abandoned, and delivered for destruction before they have even given up the ghost. These carcasses are the traces of our passage, gradually blending into the landscape, until we forget they ever existed.

"Broke and Broken" is a metaphorical photographic essay in three parts that attempts to account for the devastating effects of this morality that has become essential: immediacy in an urgent movement that is meant to be continuous, even perpetual. But time is inscribed on us and the objects of our world. It leaves traces and sometimes comes to signify to us, by a brutal stop, that we are not catching up with it. It is always catching up with us.

The first part of this work is an index of accidentology, from the first claws to torn bodies.
The second part of this project deals with the reconstruction of reality from the metallic shapes of the carcasses. Through the magic of the photographic process, landscapes are revealed in the flatness of the image, which flattens the steel textures, the crumpling of sheet metal. In these abstractions, new forms come to life... (Useless) images that speak to the imagination, themselves created from objects that have lost their usefulness...

In a final and illusory attempt to repair the forms, the third part of this work sets itself the objective of creating "prosthetic sculptures" by impressions on parts of cars ruined by the accident. From the negative to the positive, this extension of the work by the imprint will reveal the quasi-reversibility of the forms and, above all, the "infra-thin" gap between life and death.

This part is under construction.